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Antigravity Aerial Yoga

Not just for the acrobats and the ultra-bendy people, AntiGravity aerial yoga is probably the most misunderstood style! It has benefits for every body type - even yours!

Build dynamic and core strength in a sustainable way that is more in-tune with the normal movement patterns of the body. We are 3D so our yoga practice should be too! The inversions are unique, offering all the physiological benefits of getting upside down including spinal decompression, without the loading on the body that occurs in conventional inversions. Most of all it is fun and light-hearted and brings back some of that childhood joy of play and freedom.

The classes on offer at Yoga Veda follow the curriculum devised by the AntiGravity founder Christopher Harrison and is the highest quality, most rigorously formatted Aerial yoga teaching available.

Restorative AntiGravity is a beautiful class for everyone providing fascia and soft tissue release and stretching in a nurturing and supportive format.

A minimum of 3 Fundamentals classes need to be completed before attending open classes with the exception of Restorative classes which can be done at any time, even as your first class.

Important Info for Aerial classes:

  • T-shirts or long sleeves must be worn
  • No zippers or clips at all on leggings or pants to protect the hammock fabric.
  • Jewellery needs to be removed
  • Socks need to be worn for hygiene reasons
  • Most important - come with an open mind, you won’t be disappointed.
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When you open up space in the body, you open up space in the mind.

- Christopher Harrison, Founder of AntiGravity Yoga