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Yoga Veda Philosophy

In the modern world we move too little and we think too much.  Yoga is the ancient practice of developing self-awareness and connection through movement, breathing and meditation.

Veda is a sanskrit word simply meaning knowledge.

The classes on offer are not following latest fitness trends or workouts designed to give you a good sweat and stretch you out. They work to give you a new experience of your body and smooth the sharp edges of a busy mind; clearing the debris and making way for a new operating system. Creating an understanding and greater appreciation for your body and mind, where ever it is at.

Yoga Veda plants little seeds that you take back to your life to propagate inspiration and evolution in the rest of your life outside the classes.

Have a tricky schedule and find it hard to make it to classes?

Why not treat yourself to a private session where the value for your time can really be maximised.