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We Are All Yogis

Yoga Veda | Port Adelaide

A yogi describes a person who is seeking self-actualisation; seeking union with the truth of who they are. To see this truth, various veils need to be lifted and this is the work of the yogi. It is the journey of a lifetime. For some, it’s the only game there is.

Tanu is a sanskrit word loosely translated as thinned or attenuated. This is the process of yoga - to thin the veils we view our lives through. Tanu is the process of breaching our self-imposed limiting beliefs and viewing life through a new lens.

Yoga in its most basic form is a methodology to dislodge the ideas and habits that limit us from reaching our greatest potential. Asana, the physical practice of various postures, is the aspect given the most attention in the West. In a culture increasingly obsessed with physical perfection, yoga has been mistakenly relegated to the fitness world. In truth, it represents a very small portion of the practice of yoga and traditionally, asana was mostly concerned with conditioning the body to sit for long periods of meditation. Pranayama is energetic breath-work and is also largely neglected in the West.

Then there are the various traditions:

  • Bhakti yoga is concerned with adoration and devotion
  • Jnana yoga is knowledge sought through study
  • Karma yoga is practiced through one’s actions in the world

Early in my own journey with yoga, I believed I couldn’t be a yogi until I perfected chatauranga or forced my stubborn hamstrings to finally submit in Hanuman pose (full splits). Yes, there was some work to be done to release the limiting beliefs I held about my physical capabilities. But, perfecting the ultimate pretzel pose and then going out into the carpark and being a total asshole makes you less of a yogi than the beginner student in class who laughed out loud as they fell out of tree pose yet again.

Being a yogi is about showing compassion to yourself and others, offering your time and energy to those in need.

Being a yogi is showing devotion by preparing a meal for your family with patience and care.

Being a yogi is doing what is needed in the moment for the greatest good, even if that means you somehow lose or let go of needing to be right.

Being a yogi is about showing up for yourself and others and discovering a new way of being.

Being a yogi is to resist stagnation and know that the journey is never-ending and always evolving.

Yoga is a gift for all of humanity. We live in times where there is great need to come back to ourselves. The truth of ourselves and all others. The yoga teachings are a compass to help us chart our course on the journey of a lifetime. All we need to do is show up with some humility and say “yes”.

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