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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Yoga Veda | Port Adelaide

We all become habitual in the doing of life.  I'm unsure when, but somewhere in childhood we get pulled away by all the shiny things over there and become less and less embodied.  The mind accepts all the good stuff must be outside of us and continues to seek experience after experience, drowning out our ability to just be.  This phenomenon has reached a climax in this technology-hungry society we find ourselves in but don't remember ever consciously choosing.  If you aren't always seeking, always striving, always posting then do you matter?  If there aren't witnesses of all your doings, have they happened at all?  The problem with all this doing is that it only truly seems to happen in the past or in a hoped-for future.  In the moment, we are in a state of BEING rather than doing.  Even if we are doing something in that fragment of time, we are present to the doing so therefore we exist in a state of being.  One thing we slowly realise is it is very rare indeed to have actual trouble or strife in that whisp of a moment.  Trouble and strife may have been 5mins ago or it may be coming in the form of that person about to sideswipe you in their haste of doing.  But in between, when we are in the body, feeling into the animation within our bodies, our emotion, the quality of the breath, the tactile experience of where we are, then we are in a state of being.  No longer a programmed monkey doing, but existing in the moment.  And this is where happiness can be experienced; as little moments of engagement with our inner world, not our thoughts about the outer world.  And as we essentially reprogram our operating system to check in to our inner world as many times in the day as we can, those glimpses of peace and calm begin to expand further and further into the experience of being, and the sheer relief it brings from the mania of doing that we are all swept up in.

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