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Yin Yoga

Nature is all about balance:

  • creation vs destruction
  • the changing seasons
  • day and night
  • sun and moon
  • light and dark
  • activity and rest

We are an expression of nature - we need contrast, balance and challenge to develop and evolve.

This is what Yin and Yang is - opposing forces that together create unity; one not able to exist without the other. Our bodies and our minds are in a constant state of yin and yang. The body needs energetic and dynamic movement just as it needs rest, rejuvenation and replenishment.

Our modern lives are very yang-heavy. Yin yoga (along with AntiGravity Restorative yoga) brings things back into balance. Yin yoga is a floor practice utilizing various props to support the body allowing the soft tissues including joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia to be worked. Some classes will employ a combination of yin and yang elements in the form of standing flowing sequences. Yoga Nidra is another class under the Yin umbrella that is purely a guided meditation done laying on the floor for deep rest and replenishment. It can be done alone or as a lovely addition to the end of a Yin yoga class.

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